Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting and What It Can Do For You


Do you want to restore the lost volume to your face and attain a natural, youthful look? Do you wish to enhance your facial features, the shape and contour of your jawline, cheeks and around the eyes? In that case, fat grafting might be right for you.

What is fat grafting?

Facial fat grafting is a procedure which involves transfer of tiny amounts of fat to the face from the abdomen or thighs to enhance your facial features. The fat is harvested with mini liposuction, purified and processed into very small particle sizes.

There are different ways in which fat grafting can give your face a more prominent and defined shape: you can choose to do fat grafting under the eye area, transfer fat to your cheeks, or augment your jaw with fat injections.

Your surgeon will normally inject droplets of fat with a very thin cannula into the areas of your face that you want to add volume to. The micro droplet technique is used for this procedure.


What are the benefits of fat grafting?

Fat grafting procedure is minimally invasive. Unlike facial fillers, it can give you long-lasting results, and in some cases, you will only need one treatment. It’s also suitable for those patients who are allergic to dermal fillers: fat grafting is a great solution for sensitive patients because it is their own tissue.

A fat graft is an accessible and relatively easy way to gain volume, and definition for your face. It can also soften wrinkles and creases and treat minor tissue laxity. The results will last for years until a follow-up treatment is needed.

It can be done alone or, commonly, combined with other procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow lift, mini facelift, lower face and neck lift. More recently, Dr. Rodrigo has been combining it with rhinoplasty with fine results.

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Micro fat and nano fat grafting

What is the difference between micro and nano fat grafting?

Micro fat grafting is the process where small amounts of fat are extracted from body areas where there is often excess fat, such as thighs or abdomen. A small incision is made to remove the fat via mini liposuction. The fat is purified using special devices, most commonly a centrifuge. It is processed with the fat micronizer or adinizer, and reduced into smaller particles that are injected into the face. There are different particle sizes that are selected for each area of the face. For instance, the eyelids are treated with very small fat globules for smooth results. On other hand, eyebrows receive a slightly larger size for more structure. Micro fat is more refined than unprocessed fat and the treatment helps patients improve their appearance, replacing volume and making the face look plump and refreshed. 

On the other hand, nano fat grafting means that an even smaller size of fat droplets is used. In this process, the nano fat is injected into the skin with very small needles. Nano fat grafting helps combat ageing, smoothing out the wrinkles and scars.

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